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Human exploitation of resources is enslaving or destroying all other life on our home planet, to serve human needs to procreate and/or gain or maintain tribal or family advantage over other humans and animals. This cannot go on globally without destroying the existing ecosphere, yet we humans CHOOSE to think it'll all be OK, if SOMEBODY ELSE changes, not ourselves

Facing up to reality is not a human strong point, unless it is IMMEDIATE and OBVIOUS, and we prefer to close our eyes and dream that "It'll all be allright" or that "someone else" (such as our children) will make it so.... but the longer "the problem" is ignored, the larger it grows.

What can be done?

  1. THINK - not just what one can do for one's self - the GLOBAL problem is the result of that - we need to BOTH think and act GLOBALLY, or at the very least, with consideration for it.
  2. Research - Find out what REALITY is - "Faith and Trust" is a very poor alternative to "Doubt and Test" (the engineers maxim) - and these days a LOT of personal finding out can be done from "Wikipedia" or "Google" websites
  3. Get GOOD advice - if you have to pay a lot of money for it, it is almost certainly biassed by that money.
  4. "DO NO HARM" is rule 1 for doctors, but WAY down on the list for commercial entities, Banks, parents, governments, and religions, who have their immediate self or group interest forefront.
  5. Don't trust self-interest groups.

It is NOT "Somebody Else's Problem"